Dear friend, from Barnali

Dear friend, from Barnali, Coordinator, Education Unit、IIMC

CONGRATURATION and THANK YOU very much for sponsoring a child for the education.

Institute for Indian Mother and Child is a non governmental voluntary organization. Our mission is to help people in India (specially Calcutta village people). We are running a big outdoor clinic (600 poor patients’ attendants) and three small outdoor (250 poor patients attendant) and one indoor clinic (20 patients’ beds) in 24 Parganas(s), West Bengal, India. There are 10 doctors and 5 nurses, many many health volunteers are taking care of those medical unit.

Beside this we are sponsoring poor children for their education (at present 48% people are illiterate in India). Now we have 1950 sponsored children in total by the area where there is no school near by. There are 3000 students are 106 teachers are taking care of those students.

We have also a Micro Credit & Micro Saving bank for poor women who can save their money and take money as a loan to run a small business from there. We have sewing bag & knitting project for distressing women. All together it is really a good project. 300 volunteers are working in this project.

Thank you very much for helping poor and if you will find a time please come to India to see our project. I am sure you will like it.

Friendship and best wishes.



Coordinator, Education Unit, Institute for Indian Mother and Child


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