Pathar Pratima School Project

New School Construction in the Rural Area at the Delta of Ganges River

  • IIMC has decided to construct one pre-primary, primary & high school for the girls of the rural area at the delta of bay of Bengal.
  • In the pictures of brief report we can see the location and existing school constructed by the poor villages.
  • IIMC has received a piece of land and we have taken all steps to construct one concrete school building.
  • Education will bring knowledge and so one day every girl child will be able to read and write, which will change their future and will make them self sufficient and self confident.

[Meeting with village people to organize one school in this village inside the present school premises/house]

[The present school house and IIMC volunteers are chalking out to plan a new concrete school building]

[Farther progress for school building construction at Pathar Pratima]


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