IIMC – Programme for Cloth Weaving & Life Weaving

The Weaving and the Women Rehabilitation

In IIMC – Mission developmental concept will go back thousand years with the hand weaving process.

Years before hand weaving were only the way to make fabrics & cloth.

[Cotton fine threads are on the progress for processing and coloring]

Mahatma Gandhi thought it is very prudently and applied for the rural developments and motivation for self improvements and self confidence.

IIMC Woman Empowering Unit has started Hand Weaving cloth & Garments fabrication, which will give job to many rural mothers and will bring the economical self-reliance for the poor families.

[Thread Turning Process]

[Weaving Process]

In this satellite & Bill Gate age why IIMC thinking of hand weaving, yes because even in 21st Century our woman are so much neglected and ignored, 60% rural woman can’t read & write. There is no read, transport and electricity. In this situation IIMC – micro credit, hand weaving and vocational training is the best solution for the rural women to earn for their daily life.

[IIMC – Senior volunteers are enjoying the weaving process]

In some other initiatives, it has been proved that if the rural women get support and inspiration. They can bring every improvements and even can change whole economical situation of their families through micro-credit, handicraft and small enterprises and at least it is happening in IIMC project in several villages.

Reported by Dr. S. K. Bramochary

IIMC Mission


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