IIMC – Steps to most Rural and Remote areas of Sundarban Forest- islands.

On 2nd August 2006, IIMC inaugurate its most rural health center at the Delta of the Ganges, in the Bay of Bengal. Where people are living in the small island challenging, their lives with Tigers, Crocodile Cobras and regular natural Climates.

IIMC – started one medical out door 3 years before in a small community house of the village.

We felt clearly that medical and educational need is very urgent and critical. So we decided to work with serious initiatives and got big piece of land to build up health centers.

On 2nd August IIMC own building has been inaugurated and opened for the health center and Micro-finance support for the people around.

People are not educated and suffering with medical crisis, because in that remote area no service is available.

Therefore, it will be prudent for IIMC to set-up good health, educational, micro-finance and other developmental project.


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