Clothes Distribution Among Poor

Clothes Distribution Among Poor

We distributed new clothes and dress among our poor sponsored children who lost their fathers to the widow women on 1st October 2005, in presence of Mr. Serjio and other foreign volunteers at our indoor centre.

[Ashima, Priti, & other IIMC staffs are ready to distribute
the new sarees & dress for poor people]

[One of the visiting volunteers presenting a new dress to a needy child]

We distributed 60 pieces of sarees, 80 pieces of T-shirts, and 100 pieces of girl dresses for Hindu Festival Durga Puja and Muslim ID. All those children and women are very happy to get this nice gift for festival.

[Children are glad and content with the new dress]
Reported by
Barnali Brahmochary
IIMC – Education Unit


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