Presents from RAG DOLLS 2 LOVE, Inc

IIMC had an email from May Page Jone, RAG DOLLS 2 LOVE, Inc, with the message that IIMC will get some dolls for the poor children. It was great & beautiful news. Within a few days, IIMC received 6 boxes of new rag dolls followed by another 6 boxes in a month.
IIMC distributed to children in the IIMC hospital.

[Every child was so eccited to have his/her own doll

We distributed the dolls among all children in the indoor clinic and in the schools specially among the age group of 3 to 10 years.

[We have one now. Let us celebrate!]

Many thanks to May Page Jone, Rag Doll 2 Inc., and all members of the association fot this great way to join with us and to encourage many children who need love and care. Hope this support will continue and may more children will learn to smile with us.



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