HATGACHA Primary School

Hatgacha one rural village is situated 30km east from Kolkata in a very remote area, 90% people are fishermen and living on fish cultivation on their small pond and in a sallow water in their neighourhood. Most of this population are backward class and economically very poor had no chance for education even there was no any school. IIMC discover this village 6 years before and immediately started education programme with a pre-primary school.

After 3 years in education programme in this area we felt this school should upgraded to a primary school and same time we started the micro-credit like the Grameen Bank and the children sponsorship for education.

[Bamboo made a primary school at Hatgacha]

[Inside the classroom all children are happy
to hear the news of their new school construction]

The school was running in a bamboo house which was slowly melting and in monsoon period it is very difficult for the children to stay in the classroom.

Thanks to our Italian friends and the Projecto Calcutta ONLUS for their active support for construction a new school building for this village.

[Construction is in good progress.
A concrete school building is coming up for the village.]

[Costanza, Barnali, Prof. Chowdhury and IIMC members are
on visit to see the progress of the school construction]

The school building construction is good progress, within next 4 month the school will be ready in concrete building.

Every child of the whole village will get chance for education and the situation will be changed and development will come for everyone.

Dr. S. K. Brahmochary
IIMC – Mission


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